Bread: Wheat vs White

The difference between Whole Wheat Bread and White Bread

Whole wheat bread is darker in color than white breadWhole wheat is varying shades of brown in color, while white is lighter in color. Whole wheat bread is made from grains that have not been under much processing. White is made from flour that is highly processed and refined. Therefore, whole wheat is more naturally made and with better ingredients than white. This is why whole wheat tastes grainier than white.

Whole Wheat Bread vs. White Bread: Which is healthier?

Most people feel that white bread tastes better, but they know that wheat is healthier. White used to be the most commonly eaten bread until recent years. People are beginning to shift to using wheat to make their sandwiches instead of white because they know that wheat bread has more nutritional value than white. If you are worried that it will be difficult to switch from eating whole wheat to white, do not worry because whole wheat actually has more flavor than white. You will get used to the taste after a while. Just make sure that you buy your whole wheat from a good wholesale bread company in Los Angeles. There are a lot of wholesale bread companies in Los Angeles, but you need to look for one that offers a wide selection of breads to fit all of your tastes and needs.

What BreadmanLA does for wholesale

BreadmanLA, a reliable wholesale bread company, makes delicious tasting whole wheat. BreadManLA is also well known for their burger buns, especially the Portuguese Burger bun that helped jump-start Umami Burger. BreadmanLA’s Ciabatta bread and French Baguette are also customer favorites. BreadmanLA delivers large quantities of fresh bread seven days a week. The bread by Breadman LA is always made from ingredients of the highest quality. This makes it not only taste good, but it is better for your body as well. They even have the option to customize your own bread if you are looking for something that is not already on their catalog.

Quality of our Bread

Quality is a strong word, given that you get what you pay for. BreadManLA delivers only the highest quality bread on the market. We have over a hundred different types of bread to choose from. Our company supplies restaurants and hotels in over a two hundred mile radius. BreadManLA also has same-day delivery upon request, and everything is delivered fresh. Our lead chefs have been custom tailoring recipes for generations. Our style of baking is unmatched. This is why we have been so successful over the last few decades. Contact us for any additional questions you may have.